Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 45 - Alice's Yoga Tea Party in Wonderland!

I had one of those days where my mood was up and down, but mostly down. Apart from feeling stressed about finances (this being the first of the month and all), I don't really exactly know what was affecting me. It felt like a cloud was sitting over my head. But all this changed when I got home.

My wonderful boyfriend, Craig is incredibly creative and always knows exactly what will pull me out of the blues. Upon hearing my complaints about the day, he suggested that we rent the new Alice in Wonderland movie tonight and just chill out, but first, he insisted I do my last 36 sun salutations on the dining room table, just for fun.

Craig can be very charming and it's hard to resist playing along with one of his crazy ideas. So, my last set of surya namaskar for the day turned into full on an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party agility test. We set up my collection of Grandma's china and since I needed an Alice dress, I ran and changed, while Craig set up his camera. The practice was awesome. What a great way to focus and slow down. Within moments, my bad mood dissolved into giggles and luckily, I managed to complete my 108 without breaking a dish.

We had lot's of silly fun. Now, I can't wait to relax on the couch and watch the movie!

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  1. Great picture! I love Alice and Wonderland, and love what you are you doing.. This is an inspirational undertaking, Yas. Keep it up! I'll be following!