Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 68 - St Jean Baptiste Day

It's Quebec's "National" holiday today. It's a time to reflect on our Quebec-ness and celebrate our unique culture. Typically, nothing is open and most people are off work for the day.

I am not, and neither is most of my staff. We celebrated St Jean Baptiste in the studio preparing for the inauguration post-renovation's party. However, I did wear blue and white for the occasion, and not much was going on in our little Village, so we had relaxed day. The woman who will do henna tattoos for our guests tomorrow night came in this afternoon and decorated our hands and feet, which was fun. I also had a reiki session with Real, one of my students. It was a really powerful and amazing experience that I haven't yet digested. So I can't really write about it yet, but I think my shoulder feels better.

I'm now at home, sitting in my living room. There is a mix of loud music coming from various St Jean festivities on Parc Ave. I love summer holidays. I remember how exciting St Jean was for me as a kid. It marked the official beginning of summer vacation. I was so happy at the thought of having two full months off of school and eagerly anticipated all the great adventures that lay ahead. My friend from across the street usually had a sleepover birthday party on this day. After the BBQ and cake, we would all walk down Cedar Ave in our pajamas and watch the fireworks explode over the lake.

Unfortunately, I won't make it to the fireworks tonight as I still have 90 sun salutations and a bunch of other things to do. But I hope to make it out to the Canada Day celebrations next week.

Je vous souhaite tous une joyeuse St-Jean! J'espère que vous avez passé une belle journée en bleu et blanc!

Post-practice note 11:45pm---
I struggled to get into my practice, so Miranda and Andrew from downstairs came up and joined me for 18 sun salutations. (We're in the hallway in this photo, because there isn't much room for three people to practice in my apartment.)

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