Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 49 - Coming together

In concert with yesterday's conversation about intention, I spent a good amount of time reflecting upon my reasons for setting out on this 108 adventure. The answer came to me in my sun salutations this morning.

I had a beautiful 8am outdoor practice in park with Anthea and Miranda, my downstairs neighbors. It was so nice and quiet and I had a chance to work things out in my mind. I feel reawakened to my true intention. I purely and simply want to complete 108 sun salutations everyday for 108 days to elevate consciousness, and to share the journey with others. If I can also raise money for some great non-profit organizations along the way, that's a wonderful bonus.

I really want to collaborate with other yoga teachers and help weave together various yoga traditions. Anthea, as you will see in the video below, showed us an elegant variation on Surya Namaskar from Vijnana yoga.

* * *

This afternoon Craig and I went to La Maison de la culture to see the exhibition of "The Quilt of Belonging," a magnificent 36 metre long tapestry featuring 263 embroidered blocks from the cultures of every nationality in the world and all the First Nations communities in Canada. Today was the last day it was being displayed in Montreal and so the artist, Esther Bryan, who put the initiative together was present for the closing. It felt a little serendipitous to meet her and see her finished work. Bryan's intention was to create a piece of art that would unite and represent all the diverse cultures of Canada. She told me of the labour intensive process of putting together this massive project, but how everything came together in the end...

What is Vijnana yoga?

The term "vijnana" means "understanding from the inside." This style of yoga stems from the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya, the teacher of Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar and T.K.V. Desikachar. It was developed by Isreali yoga teacher Orit Sen-Gupta in collaboration with her teacher, Dona Holleman, a senior student of B.K.S Iyengar. Vijnana yoga is based on the seven vital principles: Relaxing the body, Quieting the mind, Focusing through intent, Rooting, Connecting, Awareness of breath, and Expanding.

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