Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 64 - Naked Yoga: expose your asana

It was hot and sticky today, so I ditched my clothes and practiced nude.

It's actually a really interesting experience, because you are so aware of your body. At first, I actually felt a little self conscious, even though I was alone in my room. I guess it's because I was using a mirror for alignment reference and I'm not really used to seeing my naked body in yoga postures. It felt exposing. But after a while, I didn't even notice. It felt liberating and pleasant.

As I was practicing in the buff, I was reminded of a yoga studio in New York City that exculsively offers nude classes. It's called Naked Yoga NYC and their tag line is "Expose your asana." Cute, isn't it? When I first read about it, I was little confused and unsure how I would feel practicing naked in a room full of people. I still don't know if I could do it, but I admit I'm a little curious.

Reading the Naked Yoga NYC website is kinda of funny. In their info section, they mention things like "You must wear clothing to the yoga studio," and "Nudity will remain contained to the yoga room and is not allowed in any other part of our host's studio." But jests aside, their intent seems genuine and spiritually based.

So next time you're in NYC... or you can just try practicing au naturel in the comfort of your home or better, your backyard!

PS Summer Solstice tomorrow, so I'm practicing (clothed) at dawn on the mountain with Nadaa Yoga and my mom!

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