Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 44 - Healing at Godspeed

I am starting to notice something truly unbelievable and totally unexpected. Allow me to explain:

I figured that in doing this crazy 108 day challenge, my body would likely face a much slower recovery time, because of all the strenuous practice and the fact that I am not taking any days off to recuperate for three and a half months. But, astonishingly, I am now experiencing the total opposite. I am healing faster then ever before.

As mentioned yesterday, the acute pain in my wrist, which affected me when lifting things and doing anything weigh baring on Saturday, completely vanished over night. What's more surprising to me is the speed at bruises and cuts are disappearing from my body. Last week, I got about a dozen deep, razor-like cuts on my thumb while moving an air conditioner, and I practically watched it heal in front of my eyes within 24 hours. What is happening to me is incredible.

I was slow to start my 108 practice today. Marianne, the manager of my studio, got into a major debriefing session about the CNIB event. By the way, the final count for our CNIB campaign is just over $2000. Thank you so much for your support.

Despite the office distractions, I managed to flow through my whole practice at the studio before coming home to a late dinner with Craig. Practicing with all those teachers yesterday at the Yoga Mala gave me lots of inspiration to explore new variations of surya namaskar.

As for today's photo, I got little creative with the self-timer and a slow shutter. This is me jumping from downdog to uttanasana.

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