Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 63 - The Virtual Sun Salutation + some love

I was hosted by Studio Breathe this morning for an outdoor 108 practice across the canal from Atwater Market. We were about 15 and it was a spectacular morning, warm, but breezy, just the way I like it. Nicolas Adeline and Paul Broomfield, two instructors from Breathe, joined me in leading a few sets. Having other teachers participate offers a nice diversity and gives me the opportunity to learn other variations of surya namaskar, which I appreciate.

Paul, an experience yogi, who trained all over the United States, in Canada and in India, introduced the 'virtual sun salutation.' This one you visualize, but don't physically execute. We stood in tadasana, eyes closed, as Paul guided us through the sequence. It was really cool and surprisingly challenging, because the mind is forced to stay with the practice. I wonder if I could do 108 of these mental surya namaskar. Probably not. It's quite difficult to focus on one, let alone 108. But this would be a really good mental practice and a way to do sun salutations places that aren't obvious - train, planes or bus rides, line ups, even in bed.

* * *

I spent the rest of the day planting flowers with Miranda, making food, and napping. This was just what I needed, activities to ground myself and just relax, although the nap through me off, because I slept for way too long, but I guess I needed it.

I'm feeling a lot of gratitude and so I'd like to acknowledge a few people who have been an integral part of my journey so far.

My boyfriend, Craig, whose encouragement, unwavering support, and sincere interest in whatever I do is more than I could ask for and beyond words. (+ his photo work is awesome.)

Marianne, my studio manager, for all her caring, selflessness and understanding.

Miranda & Anthea, my neighbours, for their energy, inspiring ideas and uplifting conversations.

Marie-Maguerite, my dear friend, whose an environmental champion and a true believer.

Rhiannon, my soul sister, for being the one I can talk to about anything and everything, any time.

Nathalie and Frances, for helping pick up the slack at studio and supporting all the different events I'm involved in.

Lisa, Robina, and Mira, the band of wonderful white witches that keep me on track.

My family for expressing their love and encouragement. (It's nice to know your parents of proud of you.)

And all you wonderful yogis, yoginis and friends who are following this 108x108 adventure. I love to hearing your comments, feedback and ideas, so keep them coming!

* My next community 108 practice is with Steve Maier at Island Gym in l'Île Perrot on Wednesday, June 23 at 7 pm. Let me know if you are interested in coming.

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