Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 51 - Practicing the art of saying "no"

I'm a little frazzled this evening. I am trying to juggle laundry, blogging, email responding and studying for an exam I have tomorrow at the ayurvedic school. I'm not very good at pulling all-nighters, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get things finished. It's nearly midnight and my eye lids already feel heavy and my brain feels like molasses in January. BUT, I made some good progress today. I turned down two interesting opportunities: a modeling gig that sounded fun and a new client who wanted private yoga.

Saying no is entirely out of character for me. I like challenges and I like new projects, which is why I often find myself trading lunch to sub a class for someone or simultaneously planning six events. However, this weekend, I made a conscious decision to avoid taking on anything new before my 108 mission is complete. I think it might finally be starting to sink in that perhaps I can't do everything I want to do at once. This might seem like a no-brainer, but I'm used to having lots on the go at once and I kind of like that. The problem is that now, every conceivable space in my schedule is so full, I almost never have time to hang out with my friends, my family or with Craig and I'm starting to miss that. Plus, I fear I'm starting to become more forgetful and less dependable, because I can barely return emails or phone calls.

Anyway, things are starting to work themselves out. Several people have volunteered to help me with the less obvious tasks of my campaign like following up with studios, posting stuff on Facebook, and communicating with the charities I'm supporting. This is starting to make time management easier, so I can focus on my practice. (On a side note, I often think about how nice it would be able to live as a monk in a Himalayan ashram, just meditating, practicing, and doing simple work.)

Today is Monday, so I do my 108 as an open practice at my studio. Kathy, a really nice woman, who helped us organize the Yoga Stretch event for CNIB, joined me for the first 54 along with her every energetic five-year-old daughter. The little girl could hardly sit still and thought climbing all over her mother in updog, downdog and plank was absolutely hilarious. It was pretty funny, but maybe not to Kathy.

(Unfortunately, the photos we took of them turned, so instead, here is a photo of me in chaturanga after Kathy and her daughter left.)

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