Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 46 - Sob story, but still treking

Although yesterday's silly yoga tea party practice cheered me up quite a bit, sometimes there's nothing quite like a good cry. I just finished sobbing on the phone to Craig about how overwhelmed and tired I feel. Somehow I feel lighter and much calmer now.

Oddly, just yesterday in my Ayurveda class, we were talking about how the suppression of our natural urges like crying can can a negative effect on our health. We discussed how holding back tears can lead to eye-problems and light-headedness. A medical study I read also suggests that people who regularly suppress the urge to cry are more prone to cancer, but interestingly, so are people who cry too often. I guess we need a balance even when it comes to crying. Nevertheless, I couldn't remember the last time I cried, so I guess I was due.

I think I'll keep this blog entry short. I am feeling the need to go to bed early and rejuvenate.

* FYI, I'm going to be on Radio Centre-Ville, 102.3 FM tomorrow morning at 8 am EST, talking about the Great Canadian Yoga Stretch. (Here's a photo of the pre-recorded radio show with the CNIB rep for Quebec and journalist Marine Daval.)

In case you're interested, here's a link to the article about crying:


  1. nothing like a good cry when you're overdue for it!!!

  2. It happens to us all but perhaps you are pushing too hard. Your body is telling you to relax..(ahimsa)...maybe just take a little peaceful escapade and rejuvenate? You sure deserve it! Be well.

    PS - Great pic - amazing pose! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments and the concern, my friends.