Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 65 - Summer Solistice Yoga at Dawn

There is something so sacred about meeting the sun at dawn. The air is crisp, it's quiet, and there's a feeling unbounded possibilities and a perfect freshness. This time also seems timeless in a way, because not much is going on, and yet there is still a readiness. I like that.

I was up at 4:20 this morning and meeting my mom at 4:40 for a sunrise yoga practice on Mount Royal. Watching the first rays of summer pierce the morning sky and spill over the city was really magical. What made it even more special was the 30 other yogis who had also made the trip up the mountain to greet the solstice. No words were exchanged and we all practiced on our own in silence, but there was still a beautiful feeling of community. It was really awesome.

And yet, amongst the tranquility of the morning, there, of course, needed to be a balance. And balance, in our case, came in the form of a loud, drunken young man who obviously didn't make his way home last night. He followed my mom and I up the path to the look out and then proceeded to project grandiose, intoxicated philosophies before our peaceful gathering. Some statements inspired a few giggles. Among the most quotable quotes: "Soon, I'm gonna pee", "Tell Jesus, I need a cigar," and "Oh, I was going to take your bike to ride downtown, but now, I gonna take my legs." But mostly, his one sided conversation was just an opportunity to practice patience, acceptance, and concentration...

My practice was a bit laboured today as I am still nursing a shoulder ache. So I moved very slowly and carefully. Luckily, I was able to see an osteopath this afternoon who worked on my clavicle, neck, and cranial bones. I felt much better after the treatment, as though a huge blockage was released, but my left shoulder still hurts. It will feel better tomorrow, I'm sure.

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