Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 57 - Cirque de Soleil!!

Craig and I took my parents to see Cirque de Soleil's Totem this evening, as they are both retiring from teaching this summer and I wanted to get them a unique gift. As expected, the show blew my mind. I love the colors, the music, the artistry, and of course, the acrobatics. I think it is so amazingly creative and the unbelievable feats performed truly redefine human limitations, which is the best part.

I was completely captivated by the pair of rollerskate hand-to-hand artists as well as the trapezists. The women on tall uni-cycles flipping bowls onto each other's heads were also incredible. I scolded my mom, in jest, for not sending me to l’École nationale de cirque when I was younger, because every time I see Cirque, I always say that if I wasn't a yoga instructor, I would be a circus performer. I think I would do the silk ropes, or tissue as I believe its called.

It's a little too late to make this career shift, but I really enjoy creating unique sequences of postures that blend yoga with artistic movement. This is once of the reason why I love surya namaskar because it's flow allows my imagination to expand.

(My folks, too energetic to retire, but I'm sure they'll find something crazy to occupy their time now. I think they are planning to bike across Canada...)

* My photo of the day features eka pada urdvadanurasana, one legged wheel pose. Curious as to how this posture makes it's way into a sun salutation? I will have to show you with video, perhaps tomorrow.

PS If Cirque tickets are out of your budget, check out the École nationale de cirque's year end shows at the TOHU next week. They are also worth seeing.

PPS Re: my 108 for today, I have a confession... yesterday, I forgot 9 sun salutations (miscalculation)! So, I did 117 today to make up. I know this isn't kosher, and I don't plan to bank sun saluations or do make ups, but given the circumstance, it's the best I could do. I hope I'm forgiven...

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  1. hey! of course you're forgiven... who could judge you anyway... no one else would be crazy enough to embark upon this adventure!!!