Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 70 - Rest, reflexion and laughter

(photo of the mehndi on my hands and feet in padangustasana A)

Last night's party was magical. The studio was full of people and the energy was electric. I think there were a little more than 100 guests and from the looks of it, people were having a good time. I find it's always hard to tell how fun a party actually is from the host's perspective, because as host, I feel I spend most of the time orchestrating things and running around making sure everyone is comfortable. At least I felt calm and relaxed yesterday, although I didn't get a chance to talk and connect with all the people who came, which I often find is a bit regrettable about big parties in general.

Anyway, all and all, I am really happy with the turn out. I don't think things have really sunk in yet. There was so much going on-- food, drinks, henna tattoos, live performances, an outdoor drum circle, and tons of raffle prizes. But I got some great feedback. My friends said they were impressed. One called the evening "Super pro, Miami style!"

The live performances were incredible. My friend Laur Fugere sang first. Laur is a beautiful internationally renown vocalist who has toured with Cirque de Soliel for 20 years, and she was incredible. Our second act was a 'hand to hand' routine performed by two awe-inspiring acrobats, Anna and Gerome, who also tour with Cirque. Then, spontaneously, there was a fantastic drum circle that formed outside the studio on the patio. Led by James Olmsted, one of our instructors, the drum circle included some talented percussionists plus a few guests who joined in with egg shakers. It was very cool.

We got home quite late, so today I tried to take it easy. I slept in a little, read Vanity Fair and around 10:30 am Miranda and later Andrew, joined me for my practice in the park. It was though for me to do sun salutation, as my shoulder was bothering me again. But we made it fun. We tested the concept of partner surya namaskar, which was very funny. Check out the video I filmed of Miranda and Andrew's version. And we finished the last 48 with the adjective game. This is where we each pick an adjective to inspire the way we do the next sun salutation. Some of the adjectives we came up with include: abnormally, breathlessly, buoyantly, and ballerina-like.

Then in the afternoon, I got spoiled with a fantastic massage from Anthea, my downstairs neighbour, who took pity on my tense shoulder muscles. Honestly, my shoulders and neck felt much better afterward.

(Thanks to Mark, who came to the party from Ottawa, and Ryan, who came in from Toronto.)

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