Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 50 - Prayer in a rainy good time

There was wonderful energy in the practice group this morning at Crudessence. Most of the people had done a 108 with me before, but was a couple of newbies as well, which is awesome. We started with a seated meditation to centre and set a personal intention for the practice. I suggested everyone choose a mantra that begins with "I am," so the intention would be simple and clear. An 'I am' mantra can be as simple as "I am happy," "I am healthy," or "I am confident."

We used this mantra during the sun salutations as way to align the mind with our physical yoga postures. For example, if the mantra is "I am happy," then the work is to find happiness in the pose by adapting it accordingly. I love this way of practicing. It's super simple and extremely fulfilling, because it allows us to express what our intention (ie what we want) through breath, body language and emotion, so that it becomes true in the moment.

I can't remember why I started playing with this mantra style yoga, but I believe was germinated in my practice four and half years ago. I remember doing my first solo 108 on my 24th birthday. I was told that doing 108 sun salutations was auspicious and brings power to prayers, so I made a nine different prayers, one for each set of 12 surya namaskar. I don't know exactly how I phrased them then, but eventually I think the prayers were simplified to 'I am______.'

Today, I decided to return to my mantra from the day: "I am letting go and allowing the universe to take of me." With each silent repetition of the mantra, I made a conscious effort to let go of the urge to work too hard, so I could be guided into an easier way to move. It was really nice.

(Special thanks to Anthea and Miranda guiding of some lovely surya namaskar variations. Anthea taught the vijnana sun salutation in more detail and Miranda chanted beautifully before leading us through the traditional Sivananda salute.)

Create your own 'I am' mantra:
What quality do you need? How do you want to feel?

* Care to share your I am mantra? Post it here!

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