Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 55 - A long savasana... just the antidote needed

Savasana is that lying down relaxation pose we often finish a yoga session with. It has a heap of benefits, but I admit I don't always do it after every practice. I know I should and today, this was reconfirmed.

I was feeling incredibly tired and sore today. I've also had a dull headache, which makes forward bending a little intense. I deduced that my Vata (air & space elements) is high, meaning my mind scattered from trying to do too much again and I'm in need of grounding. So, I carefully and slowly made my way through the 108, focusing on my breath and trying to cultivate stability in my legs. I managed to complete the practice and then collapsed into a 20 minute savasana, which is the best thing I did all day.

Sometimes I forget how amazing savasana can be. My mind went into neutral and I felt my whole body tingling. It felt like I was asleep, but I was fully aware. I love this feeling. It 's as if I can feel my energy pulsating through my system and repairing the blockages and tensions along the way. At certain points, I felt parts of me letting go into the ground. My right foot rolled open and my whole right leg up to the hip joint released, and my shoulders did as well, but in stages. A nice experience.

I feel better now. My head is 'cooler' and I feel calmer. However, I am even more aware of how beneficial a warm dinner and good night's sleep will be.

Question: Is there an osteo, chiro, physio, or energy/body worker out there who's willing to volunteer to look at my right clavicle and neck sometime this week?

(It's been bugging me for a few days and I think I may need an adjustment.)

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  1. Thanks for the tips and offers via email and in person! I really appreciate your wisdom!