Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 53 - The eve of the half point!

It's 10:25 pm and I'm scheduled for a 4:55 am practice tomorrow to commemorate the halfway point in my 108x108 campaign, so I should keep this brief.

Yesterday, we posted a request for suggestions on my various social media networks and received a ton of ideas. Here are some of the things people came up with:
"a good spa session" x 4
"Le scandinave in Tremblant" + a Laurentian greeting from Yogabelle Énergie
"do absolutely nothing"
"get a tattoo to remember this occasion"
"moonlight yoga with torches"
"yoga to live tam tam drumming"
"one bourbon, one scotch, one beer ..."
"a massage"
"walk up and do them at the top of the mountain, next to the cross, a pretty victorious spot!"
In the end, an enthusiastic phone call from my neighbors Miranda & Anthea convinced me to greet tomorrow with 108 surya namaskar at sunrise (5:06) on the roof... rain or shine! (It's supposed to rain, so I've pulled out my thermals and gortex...) We are even having a little slumber party here, so some people don't have travel too far in the morning.

If 5am yoga isn't your thing, I don't blame you. we are ending the day with a sunset soak at Strøm spa nordique on Nun's Island tomorrow. Anyone is welcome to join us tomorrow at 7:30pm. The Spa has even offered to give our group a discount-- $29 for the therapeutic baths and $69 for massages. (If you want a massage, you are best to book ahead.)

* * *

As for today's 108, my beautiful ashtanga students were keen to help me pre-celebrate the half way point, so we did a lovely set of 54 at on our beachfront 'yoga studio.'

The rest I completed at home as Craig blared the Stanley Cup game on the internet.


Hope to see some of you tomorrow.
Email me if you have any questions:

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