Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 54 - Festivities at the Midpoint

We were up at 4:30am this morning for a sublimely poetic and momentous sunrise practice on the roof. I was joined by five dear friends, Craig included, and with smiles on our faces we complete 108 surya namaskar in the rain. We laughed a lot and a great time. I think this is the most memorable practice I've had so far. I was really touched by everyone's enthusiasm, motivation, and support.

Post our rain drop soaked savasana, Craig laid out a fantastic breakfast spread of delicious fresh fruit salad, coffee, croissants, and eggs for those who wanted any. We dined until we were full and by then, it was only 8am! (It was a great feeling to know that so much of the day still lay before me.)

After teaching two classes and doing admin work, we ended Day 54 watching the sun go down whilst enjoying a deep soak in the outdoor thermal baths of Spa Strom on Nun's Island. Today was truly a fantastic way to inaugurate the second half of my journey.

5832 Surya Namaskar down. 5832 Surya Namaskar left to go!

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