Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 66 - Keeping things simple

My friend Miranda has challenged me to write just one paragraph tonight... so here goes...

I think I'm a pretty slow person, kind of kaphic, in a way. I take my time doing a lot of things, because I like details. I don't think I'm actually a perfectionist of sorts, but I really immerse myself in a task and it's then hard for me to pull myself out and stop what I'm doing. Take this blog example, sure, sometimes I feel belaboured by it, but other times I get sucked in and can't stop writing. But tonight I'm tired and it's already 11:15 pm, which is why Miranda suggested I keep things super short and simple tonight. Her and I practiced this evening together outside in the park. It was a nice and simple surya namaskar A flow. Once again, we focused on different areas of the body and threw in few of Paul's virtual sun salutations, which I've really been enjoying lately. Probably because those virtual ones are much less strenuous on my left shoulder, which is still a little sensitive, but getting better.

Ok that's all folks, one paragraph. Now it's bedtime...

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