Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 97 - Endorphins: Highs... Lows?

My mom is concerned about me having an endorphin crash after these 108 days and falling into a depression. Have you ever heard of this? Apparently, when athletes stop their intense training programs, their endorphin levels decrease that they are susceptible to depression.

(Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that act as neurotransmitters and are released during exercise. Sometimes called a 'runner's high' their release creates a euphoric state in the body. Maybe that's the yogasm that I was talking about it previous postings.)

If this is true, my plans to do 108 days of couch surfing once this project is over may be affected! :) I'm kidding, but I am looking forward to have a few rest days after this is done. My friend Patrick predicts that I won't be able to stop doing 108 surya namaskars. However, I think I'll be ready for a change. I'm sure I'll want to continue to do a daily practice of some sort, but I'm not sure what exactly.

For a long time, I've wanted to explore how to create a series of yoga practices that would support women in each phase of their menstrual cycle. My idea is that each week there would be a different sequence that caters to the monthly hormonal shifts in a woman's body. Of course, men could also do these practices, but they would be specifically designed for women. I think this will be my next project, but it will require some testing and personal research.

* * *

My practice today was done with Bossa in her vegetable garden. It was the first time Bossa did the whole 108 practice with me. We did it in about two hours and Bossa was super proud of herself. In fact, she just sent me a text message saying how great she feels. I like hearing that.


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  1. yes I heard about it... and it happened to me.. when I left figure skating agert practicing it for about 14 years and the last 10 years involved about 25 hours a week, I had somewhat of a depression... I felt like I had no purpose, nothing was interesting me... but I do not think this will happen to you... you will still do yoga... and be busy... In my case, I stop figure skating and did not know what to do with those 25 free hours every week... Drove me insane!!! that's when the problems starts... I think! but you already have another project in mind and probably many more!!! You'll be fine!!!!