Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 76 - New students/Old student + World Cup Football

The morning 6 to 9 am 108 practices are finished. It was gorgeous weather today, not a cloud in the sky and warm, with a summery breeze. Perfect conditions. I think I got a bit of a sun burn, but it was really glorious this morning.

We had a few new folks joining this morning. My student Peter arrived with his two kids in tote, Eva, 5 and Jacob, 11. And you know what? Those awesome kids did nearly 72 sun salutations with us, despite our efforts to encourage them to rest. They were so determined and smiling the whole time. Eva even tried to convince her dad to stay for the rest of the practice. They really made the atmosphere light and fun.

Just before we started the last set of 36 sun salutations, I got another surprise guest, a former student who I hadn't seen in about two years. She says she's been following my journey on Facebook. It was really nice to reconnect with her. I often wish more of my old students would pass by the studio and say hello, because I remember everyone I've taught and I'm always curious how they are when I don't see them for a while.

I've enjoyed these early morning practices on the pier with my students, but I am kind of looking forward to getting back on my own practice schedule again starting tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to sleeping in past 4:30am (or attempting to anyway).

On a closing thought, did you see the Uruguay/Ghana game today? It was super intense. Shoot outs are so tragic. Being the daughter of a former competitive soccer player, I love watching the game. However, I hadn't had much time to follow much of the World Cup. This afternoon, in a juice bar on Drummond, Frances (my student/friend/employee) and I found ourselves clutching hands, wailing at the television during the 30 minutes of the game. Very emotional. Kudos to Uruguay, but I would have liked to see Ghana advance as the last standing African team, in the tournament.

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