Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 84 - Saturdays...

I like Saturdays. Always have, always will. I feel as though Saturday offers the opportunity for anything, because there is still another day off after it.

Sometimes, like today, I bound out of bed on a Saturday morning (usually early) and then get a little confused by all my options of things to do-- do I clean my house? bake something? walk up the mountain? rearrange furniture? reply to emails? clean out that over stuffed drawer? call a friend and go for breakfast? start a new project? or practice? I'm most productive in the morning and I usually have a ridiculous amount of energy, so sometimes I try and do all these things at once. But today, after sipping a concoction of liquid iron supplement, warm ghee (for detox) and one serving of Vega Sport, I decided to start my practice before it gets to hot or I get too hungry (whichever comes first). My body felt a bit sluggish as it usually does on the first day of menstruation. Normally at this time, I would do a restorative practice with long held forward bends, but since my regular practice has now morphed into 108 sun salutations, I just went slowly the different variations of surya namaskar and took a break in child's pose when I needed it. I completed the first 54 before breakfast and finished the second half just before dinner.

I felt stiff during the latter part of my practice, but I think that's mostly because of all the walking Craig and I did this afternoon in Jean Talon Market, speaking of spontaneous Saturday adventures. We decided to go for coffee and produce. What an awesome place. I love being there. It's such a joyful place, filled with eclectic people, diverse musicians, vibrant colors, fragrances of flowers, fruits and veggies. We had fun. Craig took pictures and I played around with some postures, but I didn't actually do sun salutations.

(This photo montage is not pulled from the web. It's Craig Bannerman's original photography layout taken and processed today.)

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