Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 96 - Why we do crazy things

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery - none but ourselves can free our minds.”

- Mr Robert Nesta Marley

A discussion with some friends over tea this afternoon ignited an interesting conversation about the crazy things people do and why. My friends, Michelle and Julien, live in Sydney, Australia and are in Montreal on there way to Paris where they are starting an amazing adventure of their own. They are planning to cycle through France to Turkey then along the Silk Road through the 'Stans' and Iran toward Asia. They have quit their jobs and have no idea how long their trip might take. "Maybe a year or two or three," Julien told me, laughing.

Now, if that's not nuts, I'm not sure what is. I think they are so brave and adventurous and I'm sure they will have the time of their lives. Having told them this, we started talking about what makes us chose to embark on unusual journeys like the ones we are each approaching. Julien thinks its our inherent 'nuttiness' that makes us think outside "the box." Michelle says that we decide to do these things because it is part of our path to self realization and discovery. I agree with both, but I also think has a lot to do with our curiosities about life.

We are all curious about different things, and some people are more curious than others, which is totally fine. I, for one, am driven absolutely mad by my curiosity about spiritual and human development. Sometimes I feel totally entranced by the need to discover and learn things for myself. After all, I cannot grow through someone else's experiences. I have to grow through my own.

Having said this, I also am profoundly aware that not everyone is willing to confront big challenges for the growth opportunity, which is also ok. It's a really scary thing, because inevitably when we outgrow the shell we're used to, we have to leave it behind in order to find something more suitable.

(Photo is of my rendition of the Bellow's Breath, also known as Breath of Fire.)


  1. When you outgrow your shell "stuck" to it are sometimes, people, places, things, activities that you also need to leave behind in order to be able to continue your path... that I find is the scary part because sometimes, people will not understand,and end up feeling hurt... even it you take time to explain... but that's OK, it's parth of one's adventure in life...

  2. true. that's the hard part, but if we are honest with ourselves and know that what we do is for our 'highest best' and the highest best of all concerned, things work out in the end.