Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 83 - Distrubing the Peace

Today was an important day for Om West. It was first time in history that cops came to the studio because they received a complaint that we were disturbing the peace on this Friday afternoon.

That's right, my friends. The owner of the hair salon below us called the police and said that game of charades our kids from camp were engaged in was noisy and was upsetting his customers.

Now, being a yoga teacher, I am totally sympathetic to noise disturbances and our building isn't well sound proofed, but it's really quite comical that someone would go to such lengths in an attempt to keep a group of yoga kids silent and motionless on an afternoon where they were stuck inside due to thunderstorms. The kids weren't even ill-behaved. They were simply having fun playing charades and trying different balancing poses that caused some to topple over and giggle.

As for the police, they arrived at 6 pm, two hours after the last kid left, and 'interrogated' Penka, who in the middle of giving a shiatsu treatment and who had led the game of charades. She said they were polite, but I'm glad I wasn't there. I'm not sure if I could have kept a straight face during the questioning. I don't even know how to respond to these accusations. I informed my landlord of the situation and he thought it was funny and ironic that the police came to a yoga studio to tell the owner she and her students need to be more peaceful.

I'm not upset about this. More concerned for the sanity of the hair dresser, who is actually a close friend of my family's and even cut my dad's hair this very afternoon. Obviously, he was having a bad day and decided to unleash his frustrations on the yogis above. (I'm actually grateful that I now have yet another interesting tale to share with you. )

Anyway, it's finally Friday evening and I'm so happy to be home. Craig's at a pub celebrating a friend's birthday. I am enjoying some alone time listening to the rain outside and enjoying a short glass of porto given to me by a student at my inauguration party. I like port, but I can't even remember the last time I had it.

I did my last 72 sun salutations with Miranda and her friend Bree in Miranda's new loft space on St Laurent. It was steady and fluid and great to practice in what will be Miranda's Ahimsa Yoga Studio as of July 17.

Good night, friends. Try to stay out of trouble this weekend, ok? :)

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