Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 90 - elation, elevation

I can't believe it's day 90. I'm 5/6 of the way through now. Only 18 days left. Wow...

The challenge in front of me is amazing. I am so looking forward to it. Things are coming together now. I have a large digital clock which Integrated Sports is lending to me for the event and people are emailing saying they want to be involved in some way.

I hope we have a lot of people participating and I hope we raise a lot of money to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Thirty-two hours of yoga... What an opportunity to showcase and play with sequences from all the yoga traditions. It's going to be such an enchanting experience. I can feel it.

Today's practice was very special. I was with Bossa by the lake. The wind was so powerful and so energizing. I let it cleanse and free my spirit. Our surya namaskar flowed with such ease and with so much strength. We did 40 sun salutations in about 15 mins and we weren't rushing at all. We were just so enthralled in the moment.

I am blessed.

If you want to be part of my final days of this 108x108, please let me know soon.

You can sponsor me with a donation to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
You can practice with me.
You can tell people about what I'm doing.
You can bring your yoga students.
You can volunteer to be a yoga teacher observer, a timekeeper, or a witness.
You can offer your massage or energy skills during my breaks.
You can come and say hi.
You can join our celebration on August 3rd in the evening.

I will promote any yoga studio that wants to be part of this challenge with me.


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