Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 81 - Heat wave

For the last few days, we've had record highs in temperature. It's been in the mid 30s or higher with the humidity all week, which is nearly 10 degrees warmer than the historical average., and the smog is so thick we can barely see the tops of the buildings. This is pretty serious. Of course, climate change is responsible for these spikes in temperature and it boggles my mind that people still question this as fact.

Regardless, at present, the best we can do is be completely vigilant on how we can reduce our personal impact on the environment and how we can peacefully inspire others to do the same. I'm not going to run through a list of eco-tips, but I will share some ways in which we've been keeping cool these last few days.

First, I have to admit I have an air conditioner at home, but it's second hand and we only have it in our bedroom. Plus, it's only set at 25 degrees. We have been camping out here and its been kinda of fun eating, working and sleeping in one room.

What we eat also affects our body temperature. It's rather obvious, but spices and heavy cooked food increase our body heat. Spices, for obvious reasons and heavy deep fried food, as well as meat aren't advisable in summer because the body needs to produce more heat in order to properly digest those kinds of foods. Craig and I have been enjoying a bunch of amazing raw and semi-raw summer meals-- fruit smoothies for breakfast, wicked salads, avocado-cucumber gazpacho. (Check out the Fresh Summer Pasta Sauce recipe in the next post. I made it with my Kids Yoga Camp today and they really enjoyed it.)

Another effective way to survive a heat wave is, of course, to be close a lake, ocean, and/or pool. This afternoon, my student Bossa and I did sun salutations by her pool. We did the first half then had a swim. We tried surya namaskar in the pool, but it was pretty challenging. Some standing and balancing poses work well in water, and a floating savasana is like a dream... I highly recommend it.

A photo of my sun salutations with our Kids Yoga Camp taken this morning by the lake near Om West:

PS... I did get a chance to see the semi-final World Cup match between Germany and Spain, and although I rooting for Germany, Spain did score a fantastic, deep header goal, which was most impressive.

PPS... As of today, I've completed 3/4 of my 108x108 project. That's means that since April 18, I've done 8,100 sun salutations!

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