Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 102 - All beings everywhere

Things are really starting to come together. There were a few moments today that touched me greatly. One was finding out that a girl I haven't seen or spoke to since elementary school heard about my project, and made an online donation to my Stephen Lewis Foundation cause, which was beautifully unexpected.

Another lovely moment was finally doing yoga with my 90 year-old grandma. (Please don't tell her I told you her age! She'd kill me, for sure.) My glamorous and youthful grandmother lives in a retirement home. I visit her about once a week and do her nails. It's become our bonding thing. Plus, her memory is a little foggy, so she knows when I've been to see her by the condition of her manicure.

This evening we went for a little walk and she was complaining about the stiffness in her legs, so I got her to do a few stretching exercises with me, and I even got her to pose for some photos. I had fun with her. In the photo above, she is telling me, "You always do crazy things."

(If she only knew...)

* * *

Today's practice was dedicated to all the people I pass in my life without much notice.
  • the postal carriers
  • the tax drivers that wait at the stand near my house
  • the people who take care of the Bixi stands
  • My grocer and his wife
  • the people who pick up the recycling and the garbage
  • the people who plant flowers in municipal gardens
  • the street cleaners
  • the man who fixed the leak in our roof last week
  • the owner of the cafe I like to sit and work in
  • the waiters and waitress and cooks at my favourite restaurant
  • the people who take care of my grandma
  • the people who take care of all grandmas and grandpas and other seniors
  • the patients in hospitals
  • the people taking care of the patients
  • the families of these patients
  • the police officers
  • the people in prison (my teacher's suggestion)
  • the families of the people in prison
  • the people affected by war
  • the people who are dying
  • the people who recently buried a loved one
  • the women giving birth at this very moment
  • the babies being born
  • ETC.... All beings everywhere!

It was really powerful. I was tired today, but this practice gave me the strength I needed to complete all 108 surya namaskar.

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