Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 82 - Aqua Surya Namaskar

It's a perfect day for the beach. I'm with our kids yoga camp on a field trip to Cap St Jacques, a small lake beach about 40km west of Montreal. The girls ages 5 to 13 are playing in the water and I am watching our bags. It's hot and humid again today with another record shattering high of 41 degrees. Apparently yesterday a 14 year-old died of heat exhaustion. We are watching our group closely for signs of sun burn and dehydration.

I just finished doing sun salutations in the water with three of the older girls who have been coming to the studio since they were kids. Morgan, 13 and a singer, just plopped herself down beside me. She thinks the sun sals with did in the lake were "so fun" and that they should count toward my 108 for the day, so I'm up 18.

I have only 18 left for the day. I woke up early and did a practice of 54 before 7:15 am. Then 18 with Max and now another set of 18 aqua surya namaskar, which were most entertaining. I will have to wait until tonight when it's cooler to finish up for the day.

Today, I noticed that I seem to be practicing much more smoothly. My movements are more exact and I am quickly working out tensions that, in the past, would linger for a while. In short, I feel myself responding to my physical needs sooner. When I feel discomfort somewhere in my body, I immediately modify the flow and focus on alleviating the tension. I am also trying to pay more attention to satisfy my natural urges as they arrive. This includes the urge to drink, eat and sleep. Well, I'm still working on the sleep one, but the others are getting much better and I feel better as result.

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