Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 75 - Canada Day (aka la Fête du déménagement/ Moving Day)

Change is in the air and its kind of exciting.

It may be Canada Day every where else across the nation, but in Quebec, today is la Fête du déménagement, Moving Day. Apparently, approximately 120,000 Quebec households moved on July 1 last year and something like 70% of all leases begin or are renewed on this day.

In Montreal, this is a particularly interesting phenomenon. The city is 'moving and shaking' and the atmosphere is electric. Moving trucks, which almost double their prices at this time of year, pretty much take over my neighbourhood. At one point this afternoon, I counted four on my street alone. There is so much chaos on the streets and the alleys and sidewalks are full of unwanted furniture and all sorts of trinkets.

All four of my downstairs neighbors moved out. Miranda and Andrew have gone to an amazing loft on St Laurent where they will operate their Ahimsa Yoga Studio starting at the end of July. For fun, I joined them for took a walk around the block to see what people were tossing out. They snatched up a wicker laundry basket, some frames and cast-iron frying pan. I was under strict orders from Craig not to bring home "any crap", but I found a nice tin box to store pencils and pens on my desk.

As for Canada Day, I did not partake in any celebrations. I was supposed to help out at the Om West booth in the Pointe Claire Village, but after four mornings of 6am sun salutations and a full teaching schedule, I desperately needed to rest, so thankfully, my wonderful admin staff agreed to manage the festivities without me. And tonight, I have vowed to be in bed before 10pm, so unfortunately, I will also miss out on fireworks.

I'm feeling pretty tired from getting up so early all week, but I am focusing on eating well ,which makes a difference, and it feel great to do my 108 outside with my students first thing in the morning. Today, being a holiday, the dock was full. I think we were 11 or 12 people. It was a fun practice and also nice to share breakfast together afterward.

PS Craig would like to wish Canada a happy 132nd birthday.

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