Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 21 - Meet the neigbours

I messed up yesterday and I need to come clean.

I was writing my blog after dinner last night and mentioned that I still had 27 sun sals to do, but I was going to wait until I digested my meal. Well... I got caught up watching a movie and I forgot to do them.

I hope I didn't let anyone down. I felt pretty crappy when I woke up and realized I neglected to do that last set before bed.
But, there's nothing I can do about it now. I have no choice but to accept this slip and move on. A poll amongst friends concluded that I would be forgiven, so as long as I made them up today, which I just did, completing a total of 135 sun salutations for the day. I think I'll sleep well tonight.

This morning, I did the 108 practice with my downstairs neighbors. It was fun to do the whole series with a group of experienced yogis. I have done yoga many times with Anthea, a BC native who teaches yoga, dance and is a massage therapist, and her dog Sasha, but I had never with her roommates before.

Virginie has been doing yoga on and off for three years, and has recently dropped out of veterinarian school because she realized becoming a veterinarian in our culture means euthanizing more animals than healing them. So, she has decided to pursue the arts instead.

Miranda is new to our building. She is also a hatha yoga instructor and doesn't eat anything that comes in packaging. This means no soy milk, no cereal, no commercially branded food. She and her partner are in the process of opening a yoga studio called Ahimsa Yoga on St Laurent near St Viateur, ("ahimsa" means "non-violence" in Sanskrit). Miranda has a blog where she features interesting eco-friendly recipes:

We were also joined by Miranda's friend Brandon, a translator and moksha yoga enthusiast. Brandon has been practicing yoga for about two and a half years and today was the first time he attempted 108 sun salutations.
He said it was a lot easier than he thought it would be.

Here's how we organized today's practice: We began with a 10-15 minute meditation, which was great because it allowed me to settle into my body and assess how I was feeling. I led the first 12 'opening' surya namaskar-- the half salute, the sphinx, cobra push ups, all the ones I highlighted at the beginning of my blog entries. We did simple surya namaskar A for the next 24, taking turns counting and holding downward dog for five breaths every sixth sun sal. We then mixed it up with the sivananda salutation, surya namaskar B and some standing postures from ashtanga. It was a good effort. We were done our relaxation by 10:30 am.

Surya Namaskar Recipe: Day 21 - Do-it-with-friends Salute

* Thanks to Craig for waking up early to take pictures of us practicing and for the homemade kamut pancakes!

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  1. How come the dog in the background is not participating?! He could at least do a Downward Dog! (lol!).