Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 39 - Hotter Yoga

It was a record shattering 35 degrees in Montreal today. The last record high for May 26, was 28 degrees in 1951... So, if you still don't believe in climate change, please call me 514-905-8020. I'd like to know your explanation as to why spring has come so early this year and why it's so hot now.

On another note, this Saturday, my studio is hosting the Great Canadian Yoga Stretch Open House for the Canadian Institute for the Blind. (You should come!)

Since the beginning of May, many of my students have been working on their personal stretch goals, and last night I received this great email from Sarah. (Sarah is the one who joined the CNIB Yoga Stretch because her grandfather was visually impaired and required the assistance of the CNIB.)

Well, tonight was the night.

I dutifully went to my yoga class. Mid way through the class, my teacher Tara, wanted to hold crow pose for 30 seconds. Well, I flaked - but i was so sweaty (it was pretty hot today) my legs were just too slippery. BUT, when we did it a second time I was ready - chalked my arms and legs. I held it for 1 minute and 1 second! Woo-hoo!

There were three key elements that helped me do it.
1) pointing my toes towards each other (a tip from Yasmin, my teacher)
2) proper BREATHING - which is key for all yoga poses
3) I visualized the mid-line of the body and imagined everything moving towards that mid-line.

So, thanks to you guys who have sponsored me thus far - it's only fair that I give you the update.

If you're on facebook, you can watch my video from last week. The settings are public for the video.

And if you'd like, click to sponsor me on my page!

>> Namaste!
>> Om. Sarah

Cool, eh?

If you want to sponsor me for my Yoga Stretch Goal (108x108), you can donate online:

Here's a video of me demonstrating the Cooling Breath. Try it. It really works well.


  1. Am loving the blog Yas, and the photos (go Craig!), amazing information in here and insight into you. I am so happy for you to have this blog and challenge, feels like you're getting to know yourself in a way it has always been a pleasure for others. Thanks for inspiring and informing me. I am happy to keep up the moral support, this weekend I was hoping to attend your event but family birthdays and work on my own version of a retreat center has taken priority. I would love to connect soon and arrange for a friend practice between us or a group practice in support of this. I was inspired by my father in love's battle with cancer to do sun salutations every day since christmas and this blog has helped me take it to new heights. Despite our conflicting schedules, I am grateful for you and super proud and excited for your journey.
    Mad Love.

  2. Thanks Nat. I really appreciate it and it is great to hear from you. :)