Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 37 - Practicing on stable ground

It was warm and sticky today, but not as hot as in the city. I've learned that as the summer weather sweeps in, I'm best to practice before breakfast or after sunset. I did most of my sun salutations this morning, because I wanted to practice before leaving Kat and Vi's and there are less bugs at that time. I woke up feeling really stiff and sore in my lower back, so I spent about 20 minutes going very slowly through my first set of 12. I did a lot of cat/cow stretches to warm up my spine and then held the sphinx pose for while.

It not easy 'throwing down' sun salutations minutes after waking. Usually, I would prefer to wake up slowly, meditate and drink tea first, but I slept in again this morning and we were a little pressed for time, so I got right into it. Despite the initial aches and pain, I started loosening up once I reached the 36 mark. As I was practicing, I wondered what would happen in my body if I didn't spend this time carefully observing and working out the tensions. It was a good opportunity to focus on releasing the stiffness. I did feel much better after the practice, so much so that I relocated from the deck to a beautiful rock.

Practicing on a rock certainly changes things. It's uneven surface provides new challenges for balance, strength, and concentration. It was kind of fun. Here's the video we shot of me demonstrating The Twisted Side Angle Salute:

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