Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 40 - How much is that yogini in the window?

It's a strange feeling to practice knowing people are watching you. You start wondering if you are entertaining enough and questions come up like, "Should I throw in the splits now just for wow factor ?"

Today, I did my 108 in the storefront window of Lululemon Ste Catherine St, which is located on perhaps the busiest block in the downtown core. Throughout my whole practice, people were stopping on the sidewalk just to stare. I've done many yoga demonstrations like this before and I used to be self-conscious. Now, I'm so much more at ease. I can focus easily, despite all the distractions and I totally have fun with the experience. Kids press their faces against the window and are all surprised, when I smile and wave to them. Adults are the same. But the funny thing about adults is that they stand two feet away from my downward dog and talk about me as though I can't hear them. They rarely say anything negative, but when I respond their semi-rhetorical questions like, "What is she doing?" or "What kind of yoga is that?", they are often more surprised than the kids.

I think people believe that when you practice yoga or meditate, you go into a trance whereby you block out your environment and don't hear or see what's going on around you. Well, it's not like that at all, at least not for me. In my experience, the deeper the practice of yoga or meditation, the more I hear, see, feel and smell. The difference is I'm just not bothered by or overly engaged with my surroundings. It's as if all of a sudden I become omnipresent and it's very cool.

The only thing I continuously try to keep in check is how my ego responds to all the attention of practicing in front of people. Sometimes I do get into those aforementioned questions. Sometimes I want to show off. But honestly, I mostly get those feelings when I want to demonstrate how cool yoga is and not necessarily how cool I, Yasmin-in-window, am.

Regardless, I had fun today. The staff is very nice and several of my friends and colleges recognized me sweating behind the glass and came in to say hello.

** FYI Tomorrow is a 54 Sun Salutation community practice from 2pm to 4pm at Studio Bliss, 3841 St Laurent, corner Pine. Come join me.

And there's still time to sponsor me for the CNIB Great Canadian Yoga Stretch that ends Saturday. Here's the link to my sponsorship page:

OH YEAH! There was a nice article written about my campaign in the Suburban newspaper. Check it out:

Surya Namaskar Recipe: Day 40 - The Prasarita B Salute

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