Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 33 - Ayurvedic treatments for a "windy mind"

For the past two days, I've had treatments at the Ayurveda Centre from my teachers, Anita and Manu. It was recommended that I do three consecutive days of ayurvedic massage, warm oil therapy, and steaming in order to 'calm my Vata' and 'unblock my Pita.' In other words, my teachers suggested that because of what I'm undergoing with this project compounded with my duties of running a yoga studio and teaching 18 classes a week, my mind is like a kite in a windstorm, all over the place, and I have some inner frustration that's stuck in my chest, which prevents me from resting and communicating effectively.

I totally agree with their observations. My brain is constantly overworking just in trying to remember what I need to do in order to fulfill all my daily obligations, and to be honest, sometimes I feel really frustrated about having to carry so much responsibility at my studio, despite having a full staff.

So, in an attempt to be proactive, I've had two days of these intense treatments. I've received ayurvendic massage, Shirodhara, which is a heavenly treatment whereby warm oil is poured over the forehead and scalp, and body steaming, which forces me to sweat out 'toxins.' This, along with my two hour yoga practices has been knocking me out. I am supposed to be resting more these days, but we have this big event at my studio next week and there are lots of deadlines to meet. Nevertheless, despite my excessively oil head, I do feel more energized and more focused, and I actually sweated today in my practice, which I rarely do. (Anita says this is because the channels that allow me to release 'fire', in this case sweat, are finally clearing, which I suppose is very good.) Tomorrow is my last day at the Centre and then Craig and I and couple of friends are off to the country for the long weekend to visit good friends who just bought land west of Ottawa. I can't wait. I am so looking forward to spending time with friends and walking in the forest. I love that.

I started my practice early this morning so that I complete most, if not whole practice, before my ayurveda sessions. I was quite proud of myself for finishing my 108 by 9 am. Craig took today's photos.

Surya Namaskar Recipe: Day 33 - The Padahastasana Salute

Along the same logic as yesterday's Surya Namaskar, today we begin the basic A sun salutation with five breaths in padahastasana, the hand foot pose, where essentially, the hand slides under your foot. (You can bend your knees for this one.)

Benefits of Padahastasana:
  • Stretches the back of the legs & hamstrings
  • Increases the flexibility of the spine
  • Relieves tension from wrists and forearms
  • Calms the mind
  • Improves liver and kidney function
  • Stimulates digestion

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