Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 26 - Finding the Creative Flow (Chakra #2)

The hockey madness has settled (a little) and the broken glass along Ste Catherine's has been swept up, so it's time to move on to a discussion about creativity and the second chakra...

The creative or sex chakra is situated just above the pubic bone. Its Sanskrit name is 'Swadhisthana' and it is associated with the color orange and the mantra 'VAM. It is responsible for our emotions, sex, reproduction, and creativity. When Swadhisthana is in balance, we are imaginative, creative and have a healthy sex life.

Today, I have two videos for you. One of my friend and artist Jamie Lee talking about
his new painting and where creativity comes from. The other video is my sun salutation to energize the creative chakra using its mantra, VAM.

To see more of Jamie's art, visit his website:

Other ideas to spark the creative fire...
1- Surround your self with books and images that you like
2- Make an 'I LIKE' list of all of your favourite things
3- Go to the museum
4- See Cirque de Soleil LIVE
5- Give yourself space to think: go for a walk alone without music or a cell
6- Take a candle light bath with lavender
7- Stage a bed-in with the one you love
8- Join an artist's exchange - everyone draws a name and you have to make a piece of
art for person whose name you chose.
9- Check out the websites of cool artists. Here are links to some of the people who
inspire me:

May I ask, who and what inspires you, my friends?

Surya Namaskar Recipe: The Creative Balancing Salute

(I know, chanting mantras can seem a little nerdy, but it feels really good after. If you are shy, find a quiet place, so you can practice without interruption.)

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