Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 35 - long weekend in Bancroft, Ont

(Ok we'll see if this works. I'm attempting to blog from Craig's iphone.)

I am in Bancroft, Ont with bunch of friends. Craig, Jamie, and Jeanine and I made a road-trip out here to visit our good friends Kat and Vito and their two and half year old daughter Gioia Ruby. They just bought a 100 acres outside of town and are in the process of doing major renovations on the house, which was actually a big grow-op before the previous owner was discovered and imprisoned. Kat and Vito are amazingly wonderful modern hippies, (who had no connection to the former grow-op, by the way). Kat is incredibly artistic and a former pilates teacher turned raw food and vegan chef. Vito is a talented and creative handyman, who, along with Kat's dad is basically rebuilding their entire house. Their plans are to turn the place into a retreat center eventually. This is the first time we are visiting.

We arrived at about 10pm and I still had 108 sun salutations to do. I managed to get through them, despite having to share my mat with dog Zenia and Gioia, who, when she wasn't doing her variation of dog pose behind me or on me, was running around in circles screaming "The Wheels on the Bus" at the top of her lungs. It was certainly entertaining.

This morning, we took a drive into town and I made a little video of our tour, which I will edit and post as soon as I have a proper internet connection. It's actually a pretty cool place. There are lots of the little independent shop and caf├ęs, and the people are really friendly.

I feel so relaxed out here, so much more at ease than I did yesterday. It's so nice do be away from the city and be with good friends. I practiced outside (again with Gioia hanging out on my mat for most of it, which was funny) this afternoon overlooking the forest. It was so nice to breathe fresh country air and be in the trees. The only issue is the bugs, but for some reason they left me alone while I was Sun Saluting.

I have a delicious soup recipe to share with you from Kat's kitchen, but I am being a little anti-social, so I'm going to post later.

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