Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 7 - A great day, with a dash of relationship drama

Today was great. It was beautiful outside and I did everything I wanted to do-- practice, eat a big salad, see friends, and be outside. There is just one thing left, which I'll get to later...

I had three great practices and finished the whole 108 by 4pm, which is rare for me. I did 27 sun salutations with Petr, the retired hockey player. who says he's shoulder has been feeling better, and 27 with a plastic surgeon, whose name I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use yet. (I have to say, I really like working with medical professionals, because they can answer all my anatomy questions.)

Lunch was at home with my boyfriend Craig and friend/new admin girl Tara. I made an a fennel, watercress, and pomegranate salad and
I really enjoyed sitting for a meal, which is also rather rare for me, as I usually eat on the go. (Not a good habit, I know.) The salad turned out really well, so I included the recipe is below.

After lunch, I finished the last 54 in the park my good friend Julian. (He is in my video today and in the photos above-- the photos are getting better, don't you think?) Julian and I have been practicing together for years. After hanging out in the sun eating cookies and catching up, we powered through the last half of my set by doing 24 variations of surya namaskar A (basic sun salutation from the traditional ashtanga series), 12 surya namaskar B (from ashtanga), 12 sun salutations with standing postures also from ashtanga, and we shot the video during the last six, which Craig joined us for and filmed.

I am now sitting at my kitchen table, the dinner is in the oven (bio-egg veggie quiche). It's so good to be home. Because I am often teaching at night, I don't usually get to have a proper dinner and I forget how nice it is to have a free evening to make food and eat at a table. Craig is in his office, editing photos. (He is a photographer.) I think he is annoyed with me. I haven't been around much this week, and when I am home and we are together, I have been preoccupied with working my next practice, post or video. Earlier, he stated: "This blog and this 108 thing, will only be around for three and half months, so I hope you'll be around when it's over." But, what he really meant was he hopes "we" will survive this project. Although he has been nothing but supportive of me and my venture, I know he is feeling a little pushed aside. We haven't spent much time together this week I know I haven't been fair to him, so I'll have to make some adjustments. And I need to get to bed earlier tonight for the good of my health and the health of my relationship.

On that note, here's the video of today's Surya Namaskar Recipe: The Chatarunga Push-up Salute. (Below is the recipe for my fancy fennel, watercress & pomegranate salad.)

RECIPE: Fennel, Watercress & Pomegranate Salad
As much mixed greens as you'd like
A good sized handful of watercress leaves (don't use the stems, they are too bitter)
A bunch of chopped fresh fennel root
Half a zucchini (grated)
Some chopped or grated carrots
Half-full pomegranate's worth of seeds
Sheep's feta (optional)

Dressing: Antioxidant Vega oil (blend of hemp & other great oils), Bragg's Seasoning, Balsamic vinegar

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