Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 11 - Maybe Hell froze over, making it snow and allowing the Habs to win

The Montreal Canadians beat 2-1 Washington in game seven. Can you believe it? This city is going bonkers. I didn't see the game, as I was teaching, but Craig sent me the score half way through class and then as soon as my students began rolling up their mats, the bar down the street erupted in cheers and whistles. Cars were honking. That's when I knew Craig wouldn't be shaving his playoff beard tonight as promised.

Good for them. Despite a crappy season, this shows they still have a little fight left in them.

I'm not going to pretend I'm a super knowledgeable hockey fan, but with living in Montreal, I can't help but get sucked into the hype during the playoffs, especially when it's this exciting. Craig says that those in the know explain that the snow yesterday proved Hell really did freeze over so that our eighth place team was able to beat the best team in the league.

I love this city. We are so temperamental. There is no room for middle ground. Example: either the Montreal Canadians are worshiped or spat on, and we are addicted to this roller coaster of emotion. Our fiery culture is undoubtedly connected to our Francophone roots. I may be Anglo, but I enjoy speaking French and English simultaneously and I am a true Quebecer, born and raised. I really appreciate the French Canadian flavour of my native land. I think it make us super unique.

This evening my class was split: four Francos and four Anglos, so I flip-flopped from English to French, and as I was teaching, I thought how cool it is to be able to communicate in two languages. I admit, I am more comfortable speaking English, but I have great pleasure speaking French. Plus, I find that their are many perfect words in French that don't translate in English and vice versa.

Unfortunately, I don't write as well in French as in English. But tonight, my friends, our Surya Namaskar video it is narrated EN FRANÇAIS PAR MOI and features my student and in-studio translator, Nathalie. (Nathalie's husband, Real, is the cameraman.)

Sun Salutation Recipe: Day 11 - Ashtanga Yoga Surya Namaskar A

Oh and FYI, I finished sun salutation number 108 three minutes before midnight. I waited until I got home from the studio to do the last 24, because Brendan, who is still in town, said he wanted to accompany me. But alas, Brendan was in engrossed in computer work when I walked in and declined the practice, pointing out that the last time he did yoga it snowed a day later... Nevertheless, I completed my set, moaning and groaning, in the kitchen.

PS... I think it's important to point out the ecological progress when we see it, so here's a photo I took in the Ikea parking lot this morning.

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