Saturday, April 24, 2010

Video of The Plank Salute with Mary Ann (day 6)

This video features Mary Ann Enthoven, my wonderful student of six years and soon graduate of my teaching apprenticeship program! Her 108 project is to do 36 sun salutations for 108 days. She wrote this note:

This is a commitment I make to myself, to me as
a future yoga teacher!

Why? Because I am me, and I love a challenge!
Yasmin is going for it, I can do that too!

Why 36 and not 108? 108 was the idea, but I knew I would not be capable of taking that time every day. So 54 it was going to be, but even 54 the first day seemed a lot.

SOoooo, a third = 36, seemed challenging enough, but also a sustainable number to me!
• Day 1 April 18th 2010; 36 sun salutations during Karma yoga.
• Day 2 April 19; 9 SS at 6 am, 27 during Core Vinyassa class.
• Day 3 April 20: 18 SS at 6 am, 18 at 6 pm
• Day 4 April 21: 18 SS at 6 am, 18 at 9,45 pm
• Day 5 April 22: 27 SS at 7,20 am, 9 at 8 pm
I am still figuring out how to best plan this journey and how to incorporate my practice into the rest of the day, especially in the morning ; my sun salutations, my walk in the woods with my friend Khéops, my meditation and my day...
This was a nice practice; I am starting to really get into it. It is starting to feel like me.
I am looking to go deeper in my daily personal practice. My goal for these 108 days is to focus * either on one area of my body, (back bends, hips, chest, balancing, lotus...) for 5 to 6 sessions in order to really improve my flexibility in certain areas of my body. * Either on one posture.
Day 5: Focus on hip openers: Goal Lotus pose
• Day 6 April 23: 9 SS at 7 am, 27 at 9.30 am during Core Vinyassa class.

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