Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 12 - Ecstasy in 3.5 Hour Group Practice

This evening I had a moment of pure ecstacy, as in rapturous delight, during my first community 108 practice marking my 12th day of practice. I assure you no drugs were consumed. It was just a straight up yogasmic experience. The Urban Dictionary doesn't define the term 'yogasm' properly nor accurately, so I'll just explain it my way. A yogasm is intense euphoric pleasure that can sometimes overcome you in the middle of a practice. It's an eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head, moan-worthy feeling, whereby my body suddenly relaxes all of its tension, movement becomes fluid and effortless, I am free and I am wildly sensitive everywhere. I guess this is akin to a 'runner's high.' It often happens to me 2/3 of the way though an long and challenging practice, which is why I really like do the whole 108 at one time. Tonight, it hit me in the middle of our last set of 36, and it was amazing.

Hosted at the Anaami Studio on St Joesph, we were 11 people this evening including Craig, who did the whole practice. It was a good group, but I don't think I raised as much money for the CNIB as I hoped, although I haven't counted it yet so I really shouldn't say. The practice took a lot longer then I intended. I originally booked two hours for the practice, but it went closer to 3.5 hours. I guess because there was a variety of different levels in the class, and so, the pace was much slower.

We started with breathing exercises and then I asked the group to write out nine different intentions to correspond to the nine sets of 12 sun salutations in the 108. Each intention had to begin with the words, "I Am." For example, "I am alive, I am free, I am happy, I am blissful," etc. I instructed them to keep their awareness one their affirmation for the duration of each set, and to allow each of their postures to express this 'I Am' through their positioning, facial expression and emotions. This makes the practice more intense and more personal, kind of like a prayer. Mine were: I am here, I am at peace, I am happy, I am blissful, I am shining, I am free, I am inspired, I am at ease, I am moving at Godspeed.

My next 108 group practice is on Friday May 14 at the Crudessence Loft. More on that later. I am exhausted and my eyes are closing. I could fall asleep on my keyboard, so good night for now...

The Surya Namaskar Recipe for today, day 12, is the Utkatasana Salute (or Power Pose Salute). * This is another half-salutation so two of these equals one full sun salutation.

1- Begin in Mountain pose, big toes touching, heels slightly apart. INHALE, do nothing.
2- EXHALE bend the knees, lower the hips and touch finger tips to the floor.
3- Keeping the knees bent, INHALE raise the arms to shoulder height or higher. (Shoulders stay down, neck long.)
4- This is Utkatasana, the powerful pose or fierce pose. Hold for three breaths. Make sure you sit back like you are sitting in a chair and that can see your toes. Lift lower abdomen.
5- On the next EXHALATION, fold forward straightening your legs, but keeping your knees unlocked.
6- INHALE, lengthen your spine.
7- EXHALE, forward bend.
8- Two breaths.
9- Then, bending your knees to sit back into utkatasana again, INHALE raise your arms.
10- EXHALE, stand tall and bring the hands down in front of your heart.

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  1. Hi Yasmin,
    I have to say that when I heard you were attempting 108x108, I too thought you were nuts. I've participated in Yoga Mala for the past few years and seriously need to rest for a couple days after. But, reading your blog has totally inspired me, and now I'm rooting for you from the bottom of my heart. Go Yasmin Go!! I will begin my own 108, but starting slowly, doing 108 per week, on top of those done in my classes.
    Can I please quote your 'Yogasm' on my FB?? (Giving you full props of course, and a shout out to your cause...)