Sunday, March 6, 2011

Surprise Party

Let me tell you about some fabulous people I know: My mom, Marta and my dad, Gord.

They are turning 60-years-old this week. Yes, both of them. They were born a day apart on March 8th and 9th respectively.  They are the most youthful 60-year-olds I have ever seen. Active, energetic and still visibly in love even after spending 30+ years together, my parents are something else.

Last night, their ski friends threw them a surprise party, but not just any surprise party. It was themed, because their parties are always themed and a Jay Peak party is not a party without a theme, I was told when I asked why I must were "gym/sports attire" to the chalet. You see, my parents are recently retired physical education teachers and belong to a wild and vivacious group of close knit friends that weekend in Vermont, tearing up the slopes of Jay Peak ski resort. Most have cottages in an area called Alpine Haven, all walking distance from one another, which mean apres-ski festivities are always in close range and held regularly.

I'm a bit of an outsider. Yes, I can ski, but, having concluded that winter is just not my season at age 10, I am rarely seen at the cottage, much less the hill. The running joke among my parents' friends is that they have a talented freestyle skier for a son, who is always around, and make believe daughter, whom few have met. Of course, I do show my face down there from time to time, so the joke is getting a little old. Anyway, this surprise party was an important event and there was no way I was going to miss it. 

Craig and I picked out some great costumes-- Craig, a competitive swimmer and me, an eager aerobics instructor-- and as my brother drove, we worked on decorating the pinata he had carefully papier-mâchéd earlier that day. 

It was hands down the best party I've been to in long time.  To say my folks were surprised is an understatement. They were told they were being taken to a restaurant by the people they share a cottage with, but after cocktails at another friend's house, they returned home to "pick something up before dinner". We waited inside the doorway and then popped out screaming "surprise". Both mom and dad began crying almost immediately. It was very sweet.

The evening progressed nicely. Those people really know how to have a good time. The chalet was decorated with a basket ball hoop, streamers, countless balloons and a giant blow up snowman named "Buddy." (Apparently, a party isn't party without Buddy.) The "Alpine Haven Glee Club" performed several songs dedicated to my parents' aging and the pinata was a hit, litterally. There was tons of food and lots of dancing.  Mid-Lady Gaga, my dad turned to me and said, "I wanna dance like this at your 60th, ok?"
The party only ended because the organizer slipped outside and cracked her head open on the ice. Although clearly concussed, she'll be ok.

As mentioned in my last blog posting, I'm hardly a party animal, but I really did enjoy myself. It was  special to see how beloved and supported my parents are by such a great group of people. 

Despite the fun, I did manage to slip upstairs unnoticed and complete my 11th day of 54 moon salutations. Although this may seem a bit unsocial, no one seemed to mind and it was pretty cool for me to practice amongst all that lively energy.

Speaking of practice, it's near midnight, I am eager to roll out my mat, so good night, my friends.

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