Thursday, March 17, 2011

Relationships & yoga

Photo by C. Bannerman
"Oh Yeah, I blog," is the sentiment my boyfriend Craig expressed on his blog after being away for awhile. I can relate.

Sometimes I make blogging into this big thing in my mind, so I just don't always get to it. I think it needs several hours of thoughtful expression neatly laid out on a page in order to be published, and often, surprise surprise, I don't have time. It's that "what am I going to write about?" issue that leaves me somewhat paralyzed at times.

In other excuses for not writing in over a week, I'm 23 days into my new 54 days of 54 moon salutations and I'm in the thick of a new wave of inner transformation. All these questions about my direction and personal happiness have all but totally engulfed me. Poor Craig. I suspect, or rather I know, he is getting the brunt of my mental meanderings: "I need space. Now, please hug me. Now, go away and let me work..." I can't be an easy person to live with right now. Luckily, I'm with probably the most patient man on earth. He just adapts. He ebbs when I flow, and flows when I ebb. It's this little dance we do in order to accommodate the creative minds of one another, but more recently, it's the little dance he does in order to accommodate my creative mind. We definitely need our own place to work, but we also need to be fairly close, because we need to bounce ideas off each other as we create. I ask to read stuff aloud to him all the time and he asks my opinion about the images his working on, although lately, my sharp critiques about the political views he reflects in his photography have been uninvited.

Recognizing each others expertise, we do ok when we work together. I do words and he does photos. Sometimes our sureness over the end result conflicts, but generally, this gets sorted fairly quickly once we each produce our necessary components and we take a moment to be objective about the project.  

Speaking of joint ventures, we are now working on a collection of images from the 1008 asanas I practiced during the Guinness marathon in August.  Here's a sample. (Craig really is a master of lighting, and my six week gaffer course I took in film school really should stay out of his way.)

Photo by C. Bannerman

And in other news, the Montreal Gazette interviewed me for an article about men and yoga. It was published last Thursday. Check it out, and note the gentleman on the right, my Craig...

Photo by Peter McCabe, The Gazette


  1. your pictures are beautiful!! you and craig are an amazing team. i enjoy the photography and the writing equally (just trying to keep the peace here!).

  2. Guy in the red has amazing posture for an older fellow - kudos to him. Btw Yaz, you inspired me many moons ago to take up yoga as a way of combatting my anxiety issues. I do P90x yoga and Moksha every day (alternating btwn the two) and jog/run every other day. As for tea, I'm into T2, an Australian tea that is outstanding, and has helped me lose 35lbs and get toned! So yeah, that's my 2 cents - love reading about you and your success. Keep it up, and hugs from Nhaya and I.

  3. Glad to it! Sounds like a great program! :)