Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guinness Group

Finally the Guinness photos are posted!

It was an incredible experience, but I couldn't have done it without these remarkable and supportive people. (And only half of team is in this group shot!)

That's right. In order to authenticate this record, it took a team of over 50 wonderful people to volunteer a minimum of four hours of their time to act as witnesses, timekeepers, stewards, or yoga teacher adjudicators! I am so so grateful to all of you. Thank you from my heart.

Now we relax... The work is done and the certificate hangs in the reception of my Pointe Claire studio, Om West Holistic Centre. Below the Guinness certificate is this beautiful drawing done of my 32 hour practice by Jennifer Herring during her witness shift. She is incredible.

Here are some other photos:

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