Monday, April 18, 2011

Pagan Full Moon Party

Forgive me. It has been a while since I last posted a blog.  Lately, life has been moving far too quickly for me to keep up with everything. But here I am. 

We have arrived at the 108th day of the year. Today is my last day of 54 chandra namaskar and it's a full moon no less! To celebrate, I am inviting students to join me at Om West for a practice of 54 moon salutations by candle light. I am really looking forward to tonight's practice. I made Almond Crescent Cakes that are traditionally served during Pagan Full Moon ceremony and have prepared gifts for my students, prayers, and beeswax candles.

Throughout this 54 day journey, I was not alone in practice. I enjoyed the company of many students and friends, including: Bossa Pavkov, my trusty student of five years and 108 sun sal pal; Bruce Chase Dunn, who stayed true to his own 54 day yoga challenge (read his story below); And Erin Halpin, a close family friend and student, who, for Lent, did cumulative sun salutations for 40 consecutive days. I also thoroughly enjoyed sharing the moon salutation practice with all my students. 

The last few days have been the hardest. You see, I've been at the Toronto Yoga Conference since last Thursday and I taught nearly 250 people over five full workshop. So I had difficulty finding time and energy to practice with all the travel and teaching. But I did it. Rather than killing myself with midnight asana that I clearly did not need more of, I visualized my entire 54 practice on Thursday sitting on the couch in our rented condo. It was very challenging, yet extremely gratifying. On Friday afternoon, I did the practice manually as I felt up for it before teaching. Saturday and Sunday practices were a combination of virtual salutations and physical one. (Special thanks to Craig for joining me last night and encouraging me despite my huge fatigue.)

Here is the very sweet and nicely presented piece written by Bruce:
(More photos and videos to come this week...)

A prayer from a Wiccan Full Moon Ceremony
Lady Moon bright and serene,
Shining with the bounty of the Mother,
Look down on us your Children of the Earth.
Come, light of the Goddess,
Fill us with your power.
Lend us your blessings,
Let your light surround us.
Impart to us your light and blessing.
Your love and grace, surround us.
Surround us Goddess,
Surround us with your love.
(For more info about theses Wiccan Full Moon
rituals and prayers, click here)

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  1. Congratulations on your 54 moon salute accomplishment. Another job well done!!